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What are the requirements to be on the app?

We are constantly looking for models, bloggers and influencers who are trendy, stylish and unique.

How do I book for an event?

You must receive a personal invitation to take part to an event.

Why can’t I book every event?

Certain venues require specific profiles and your profile may not fit the needed requirements.

What do I do when I arrive at the venue? What should I mention?

You should present your QRC, that you should have received by email, at the entrance and mention that you are part of The Secret Society.

What do I need to do at an event?

Our requirement for every single event is to create a minimum of 4 instagram posts, unless mentioned otherwise, tagging us @tssdubai and the venue that welcomed you.

Can I bring a +1?

The invitation you received is individual and does NOT allow a +1. If your friend would like to participate in the event they can either register as a member of The Secret Society or, when applicable, join as a paying guest. Note that not all venues will allow paying guests based on the status of bookings of the venue.

Is everything complementary, or I have to pay?

Everything is absolutely for free unless mentioned otherwise.

Can I choose my own order?

Complementary offers are fixed and often discussed prior to the events, therefore it’s not possible to satisfy the individual order of all the guests participating as it would not be beneficial for the venue. Please be understanding and keep in mind that everything is for free.

How long do I have to stay?

You must stay at each event a minimum of 2/3 hours. Keep in mind that certain events may require you to stay until a certain time.

Can I join 2 events in the same night?

You cannot go to 2 events in the same night unless there’s at least a 3 hour difference between the two, unless mentioned otherwise.

Can I bring a paying guest?

This depends on the venue and the space they allocate for paying guests. For additional info in the moment, feel free to reach out to us.

What is the dress code?

The description of the event will mention the type of dress code required for the venue. Keep in mind that the restaurant has every right to refuse your invitation if your dress code is not appropriate.

The event is full, can I still join?

Unfortunately events have a limited amount of spots so you have to be fast to book. If the event is full you can always keep an eye if someone cancels and book your spot.

My account is deactivated, what do I need to do?

If your account was deactivated it must be due to the fact that you broke one or multiple of the rules of The Secret Society or your instagram account is not connected to the App. Whenever you modify or change your instagram account make sure you update your profile on the app. If the broken rules are minor, your account will be reactivated after 2 weeks. If we happen to receive a complain from the venue concerning you, you will be banned from going to said venue in the future. If multiple venues happen to complain about your behaviour, you will be deactivated permanently.